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Native Plants 

At Black Cap Farm we offer over 200 species of Michigan native trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials. This gallery is a small sampling of the plants we carry in our inventory. If you have questions about a particular species, feel free to contact us.

Why plant natives?

Native plants are easier to grow and maintain than non-natives. This is because native plants are already adapted to local soils and climate changes. Typically this means they also require less watering and little-to-no fertilizer. Just imagine fields filled with wildflowers, maintenance free! 

Native plants are long-lasting. Unlike planting annuals, native perennial plants have the ability to come to life each spring even bigger, stronger and heartier than the year before. This means your gardens will naturally become more established with each passing year. Plant them into your gardens this year and enjoy them for many more.

Native plants support birds. The expansion of lawns and non-native shrub planting in this country is a top contributor to the population decline of bird species -as lawns and foreign plants do not support the native insect food sources upon which our birds (and other animals) depend on for survival. Letting even a small space in your lawn go natural will attract and sustain 100-fold more birds than a simple lawn.

Native plants support our native pollinators! Bees and butterflies will naturally be drawn right to your backyard with the addition of native plants to your landscape. Not only are they a delight to watch, but you can sit back and relax knowing you are doing your part to restore our biodiversity. 

Like having options? Native landscaping is rapidly growing in popularity and nursery growers are seeing an rise in demand for native plants. Upon a visit to our farm you will find a wide variety of native plants -some you may be very familiar with, while others may be completely new to you. Choose from trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials all offering their own unique leaves, blooms, nuts or berries. 


Want to know more?

Follow us on social media, IG ( or FB (@blackcapplants) as we frequently post pictures of native plants we offer along with growing suggestions and the direct benefits they offer.

It is our mission to help you succeed in bringing natural habitat right into your own backyard. 

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